Thalia Protopsalti is a visual artist born in Athens, Greece in 1993.

She graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Athens, Greece in 2016. She is currently studying for an M.A. degree in Philosophy at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

She has work experience in several mental health institutions as an art teacher, and currently working in Athens. This has inevitably motivated and influenced her perspective.

Her work discusses a symbolic representation of body and space and speculates on the psychical human nature and the irrationality of existence.

Group Exhibitions

June 2017: “Hell: inside and outside” Melina Mercuri Foundation, Athens, Greece.

Feb 2017: “ArtCapital” Salon des artistes indépendants comparaisons Salon des artistes Français Dessin & Peinture a l' eau, Grand Palais, Paris, France.

May 2016: “ Art Brut - Outsider Art “, “The Difference as a mirror of Identity” under the seal of COMPANY STUDY CULTURAL ETEROTITAS (E.M.P.E.) at the Melina Mercouri Foundation, Athens, Greece.

November 2016: “IndepArt 2016” at the “Image Gallery”, Athens, Greece.

May 2015: "Options 1" exhibition at the “ Other Arcadia Foundation and the Painting V workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece.

October 2015: "Body in the physical and conceptual space" at the “Cheapart gallery”, Athens, Greece.